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life is pretty much amazing

but don't be too jealous, your life is probably good too

well, that's fantastic!
20 July 1986

sabrina ann trinidad | illyad

My name is sabrina trinidad. i am a half-filipino, half-american twenty-one year old female. daily, i am a fulltime web developer for web.com on the custom design team in jacksonville, florida. i am also a seasonal entertainment cast member for walt disney world in orlando, florida. i enjoy both my careers deeply as they: a) pay the bills, and b) keep me entertained for forty plus hours in a week. i recently graduated from the university of north florida with my bachelors degree in graphic design. i am fan of shopping, flowers, and cute girly things that i always told myself never to like.

i live behind the story of peter pan, in the desire that i never wish to grow up. mind you, growing up does not scare me, but the youth in me is something i never wish to lose. between the 8 to 5, monday thru friday work phase, i find time to cherish the small things in life. ie: photography, traveling, going out to eat constantly, obsessing over top chef, and house, and constantly being amazed by one of the most important people in my life: ryan. he is quite honestly, the peter to my wendy, and that says quite a bit. 11.17.08.

i'm fascinated by music, colors, and events. i enjoy the time i spent with my friends. i adore life in every way, shape, and form.

childhood, he says, is nothing more than imagination.

"good thing in my imagination, you are dead."

pop goes the weasel;

if you leave,

i hope you need to

come back.

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